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WOW - this is great!!  I was worried at first that this website was stating Kronos Crappy Hotels were going out of business.  But finally, a website for those of us who have been hurt by their actions.

I was a former director and I left after three weeks on the job because they wanted me to continue to lie to customers.  I was instructed to "tell them what they need to hear to get them to sign the contract."  I was instructed to write a letter generalizing the "future upgrades" to the hotel, even though the entire upper management staff was well aware that none of the problems were going to be fixed.  The hotel had the same problems as all the others - no one wanted to do business with them because they bounced so many checks.  Nothing was going  to be done because they had burned so many bridges and no one wanted to do business with them.

It's sad that this property has sunk down the way it has.  I am proud that the employees have stood up for their rights to receive pay for worked performed. 

I am mad as hell that this company would put so many great people through this much hell. 

I hope that those affected by the bounced checks take Kronos to Small Claims Court and file charged there as well as criminal charges.


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As a former employee I have to agree with you. And I have to send a HUGE thank you to the reporters that have been willing to listen and take some action. And not let these people keep lying and getting away with it!!!


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Thanks for your support!!!  Think you already know who I am.  I will call you tomorrow!!  We were on the 5 and 6 O'clock news only!!  After reading about them taking money for child support and not sending it in to the child support division I am even more disgusted at Kronos Hotels.  This is the most unreal,
unprofessional thing I have ever seen from a company.  I will not stop until these issues are resolved for the benefit of everyone who has and still is suffering. 

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Great Job guys....very great job.  I am very proud of you all.  Stand up for yourselves.  You already know you have my support.  I did an interview with a phone interview with Christie Ilteo from WAFF 48 News NBC in AL today.  She said that story would be running tomorrow.  In the words of Terrel Owens...git yer popcorn ready cause its gonna get

again...cant say enough how proud I am of all of you.

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As another employee hurt by their actions I agree with you and feel at the very least vindicated that finally this company is shown for what it is.

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