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Ok, I am going to put this on the line the best way I can.  Alot of people feel like we are all about the conspiracy theory here on the site and thats fine.  But unfortunately give us one solid piece of evidence that proves we are wrong...Hyperion?  Who are they?  Where are they?  Why are they just now coming into existance...and them coming into existance is not good enough..who are their officers, where are they based...give us the information we seek and maybe we can believe.  Someone I just met in the past month and I have grown to have alot of respect for recently told me...its not really paranoia if the conspiracy is real. 

Lets look at what we do know:
Kronos sucked
Kronos sucks
Kronos won an order denying a restraining order against them
With-in a day or two almost like they said oops we didnt mean to do that and wham they are out and Prism is in.
The Hyperion name comes out of nowhere and still is a ghost
Hyperion, Kronos Greek Mythology (odds of two seperate companies using names so related as such in a situation such as this?)
Chucky and the boys wont speak to noone.
Prism nor Kronos will give straight answers (In prisms defense they are prolly as confused as we are)
The forclosure actions are expected to be withdrawn
They prolly wont be able to use the Kronos Hotels name anytime soon...seems someone gave them a bad reputation...was it something we said?

I could keep going on and on and if they want us to think otherwise I beg of them come to us here on the site and make a statement.  Give us a reason to think otherwise.  We are not as stupid as they like to think...nor are we as gullable. 

I will say this again...Prism we believe to be genuine.  They have full control over the properties and Kronos can not interfere.  Prism has a great track record and from everyone we have talked to that has dealt with them before says they are a great company.  So to that I say welcome Prism with open arms.  Trust them and let them get you all back on track.  They only know what they are being told.  They do not want to know about Kronos because as far as they are concerened Kronos is in the past...or are they?  Let Prism take you into the future but do not lose site of the snakes that are still lying in the grass because when we least expect it they will lift their heads and strike again.

Kronos as I know one of you are probably reading this, please keep this in mind.  The web site has grown to several thousand strong.  People are watching, people are aware.  What do you think is in your best interest...trying to avoid paying your debts to the employees/vendors or going ahead and paying them.  Either way we report it and it is read by thousands of people a day...these forums have been viewed well over 20,000 times as of last evening.  So again, people are watching, its not just the people you screwed...Do the right think Chuck, pay the people, pay the venders and get out of the hospitality business, oh and take your brothers and partners with you,  you have no business in it.

“The trouble ain't that there is too many fools, but that the lightning ain't distributed right.” - Mark Twain

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No further questions lol


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well said...

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Well said!!!!

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