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Woooo Hooooo
For the PA. hotels!!!!!! 


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The Case in Pa still has to go through the local courts but at this point it will only be a formality.

Also I would like everyone to know I apologize for being so absent as of late as I had a death in the family and alot going on.

With that said I sat here for a few minutes tonight and sometime over the weekend I will be updating the site with new links.  Found lots more interesting stuff including a lawsuit against Pacific Investments from a suit for over $170k for work done to one of their properties under the pacific investment monickers and issuing a bad check (no way Kronos write a bad check?)  Also I found a very recent subdivision of Pacific investments that they recent filed bankruptcy on, and guess what...they never showed back up again!  Anyway needless to say I have alot to post.  So check back late Saturday or Early Sunday and I will have most of it if not all of it up and running.

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I am sorry for your loss. 
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