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Thank you very much for whoever set up this site.  It is so nice to finally have a voice to the chaos that we are forced to live with everyday.  The sad part about this whole thing is that I have contacted numerous government agencies to try and get my hotel help.  There has not been one agency that has offered one bit of help.  They always say that it is eithe a civil matter, or they will send Kronos a letter telling them to pay their employees.  Are you kidding me?
It is any wonder that the banking industry is in such a bad situation? 
We all need to unite and send this info to anyone who will listen so that we can get national attention to get these crooks out of the country.
I am willing to help in any way possible.

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Thats why we started this site.  They can only ignore it so long.  Someone will step in and I think it has begun.


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Just wanted to say that I am so sorry to hear of more people out suffering!!  Let's keep working together and hope something good will happen for everyone.
Good Luck and Best Wishes!!!

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Keep your heads up. 

I only hope they can be forced out before the people still there are beyond the point of no return with their bills etc.

My prayers to all
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