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Here in Jamaica New York, just outside of John F Kennedy Airport we see a Crowne Plaza Hotel that has sadly nosedived to the point of loosing its franchise. It is now a strange and bizarre place called the JFK Plaza Hotel, sealed off from the rest of space and time in 2009. I would best describe this hotel a a post apocalyptic 3 star hotel from the Twilight Zone. The shell of a formerly great hotel with a zombie staff of people that are either still futilely trying their best while everything crumbles around them or have just given up as their world spirals into a state of employment anarchy. Guests leave room service trays, dirty towels and trash outside of their doors in the nicely carpeted hallway that never gets removed for days. What were once first class amenities sit in your room, clean but broken with former hotel branding weathered and half scratched off. In the once bustling lobby gift shop a lifeless attendant sits staring at the beverage cooler. She is waiting for a wayward traveler that is still roaming the scorched earth to enter so that she can blow the dust off of a bag of chips for you.

If you choose to leave the hotel and use the shuttle van to the airport BE WARNED! The morning shuttle driver still has a lot of life left in him. Throwing caution to the wind he will plow through neighborhoods at high speeds beeping his horn so that he does not have to stop for red lights or stop signs. Even a 30 year old man in good health will have trouble holding himself into his seat or keeping his breakfast down on that ride. Just in case of Zombie attack, a friend of the driver will ride shotgun using the hotel van as his personal ride home. These post modern cowboys will show just how renegade they really are by blasting explicit rap music at high levels and having conversations about how many females at the JFK Plaza they have had in their "special crib room". Your only comfort will be looking at your fellow van passengers and knowing that you are all in this together.

When your lawless ride through the world of the undead nears it's end, the big gray van will pull up to the curbside check in. The music will stop, the door will open, your bags will be handed to you by the driver and you will step back into a world that time has not forgotten. The van along with your fellow passengers disappear as you enter the terminal at JFK. Mistakenly you pull the plastic key from your pocket and see the logo printed on it "Crowne Plaza". This key should serve as a reminder, a memento, a warning that you have visited and returned safely from The Twilight Zone.

“A Mess”Jun 1, 2010Love4you
My friend and I checked in about 11 am on Friday, May 28, 2010. When we went to our room someone else was in the room. Hotel put us in another hotel room and that room had no air for 2 nights. On Saturday we were gone all day long and when we returned room was not cleaned, bed was made up, trash not emptied and no clean towels to take a shower. TV did not work properly. NO AIR CONDITION FOR 2 NIGHTS!!! Complained to staff , supervisor and owner nothing resolved. The hotel should not be opened.

“Terrible Staff Unorganized No Electricity Lost my reservations”May 26, 2010JenziTV
When we arrived it was 10:30PM and we had to stand in line behind a bunch of angry customers. When we finally got to the front the lady behind the desk went in the back office and did not come back out for 20 minutes. She said that there were no rooms. I had reservations! Someone came down complaining their door key did not work. Another person said their room had no electricity. There was no manager on duty listed on the wall under manager on duty. The police showed up and were confronting a gentleman that worked there about something he did to offend a young lady. It was terrible. We called who we reserved the room under...and they said they would call the hotel and speak with someone to confirm there were no rooms before they refunded us our money. The hotel staff would not pick up the phone. I finally told them, just pick it up so we can leave. They told them there is nothing available and we left. Do not stay here!

“Worst experience”May 21, 2010reviewerbogw
No air conditioning, no towels in room, TV does not work. Dont stay here

“Most Nasty Hotel I have ever been to”May 3, 2010MellowNY
I would not even rate this hotel. I heard that it closed down and just reopened for about 2 weeks when me and my boyfriend stood there. It should have stayed closed. This is the worst hotel I have ever been to. No accomodations what so ever. I hope the owner is reading this review. The staff were very nasty and rude it took 4 hours just to get toilet paper, the AC unit did not work, the restaurant in the hotel was the worst, this was by far the most worst hotel experience I have ever had. I would not stay there ever again even if it was for free. The only good part was the restaurants outside the hotel. Im sure this hotel will not be open for long with the way they do business, it totally sucks, no hospitality what so ever.

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