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Much to my dismay I have had to sit back and watch a nice property (in need of some updating) go completely down hill as a result of being purchased by the Kronos Hotels.

In addition have watched the staff dwindle and the long time loyal employees stick it out only to have their pay checks bounce, insurance taken out of their checks without having any insurance benefits and legitimate workman's compensation claims go unpaid.

The lack of integrity, honesty, with one lie after another is totally amazing to me as the Kronos owners have no regard for another human being.  The people they are robbing, vendors and employees, have done nothing to deserve this............nothing but depend on the word of the Kronos owners...........the word with no meaning.

The fact that they try to ignore making repairs, or the to take the cheap way out or consistently call different vendors because of not having paid the last bill..does NOT get the job done.

You all know the score!!!!



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Tell your story, see my thread titled lets turn up the heat

Fighting back one lawsuit at a time
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