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Its time we make sure we are heard on a higher state by state level.  Its time we bring it all together.  I have put up the following email addresses to some of the more popular ones.  If you know of others or would like your local media outlets that should be on the list please send them to us.  Please be respectful and courteous and factual in these emails.  We are trying to get someone to notice us.  Someone who take us as a group seriously and someone that can step in and stop these guys from continuing this path they have been carving for so many years past now.

With this information what we would ask is everyone emails these people.  As individuals we may not be heard but as a group they can not ignore us.  I recommend everyone email every one of these media outlets.  Please make your Subject Line Read "Kronos Resorts and Hotels LLC"  That way they will have this title ringing in their heads.  Again, they cant ignore us in numbers.  As I am sent other links we will update this post with new links.  Lets help those that are flying under the radar.  Lets help ourselves.  Email them once a week till someone pays attention.

Click Here For NBC Will use your default mail handler and pre populate the subject and to fields

Good Morning America Form Email
News With Charles Gibson Form Email
Primetime Form Email
20/20 Form Email
Night Line Form Email
CBS New Outlets Form Email (Email top 9 people)

CNN News Tip Hotline Form Email 



USA Today  Form Email. Select News and Select Story Suggestion

US Department of Labor Will use default mail handler to pre populate the TO: and Subject: fields

US Attorney General Will use default mail handler to pre populate the TO: and Subject: fields

“The trouble ain't that there is too many fools, but that the lightning ain't distributed right.” - Mark Twain

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add this one...CNN newstip line

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