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Need to find Sunil Mir or Charles by Sept 15th 2009. WE have a court ordered jidjement on them personally
Please help if anyone has seen them recently or know where they may be. They took our money and ran and screwed us too on the Kronos lies.
Please help need to get them.

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Both of them are in Atlanta GA somewhere, I don't know where though. They have a court hearing for wildwood hotels on September 30 at the Federal bankruptcy court Norther District of GA, Atlanta Division. THe address is 75 Spring Street SW, Atlanta, GA 30303. The courts phone number is 404-215-1000. I think the court room will be 1204 or 1340.

Charles use to have a condo in Atlanta, but I don't know the address or if he still owns it. He might be staying with his ex-wife. I did a white pages search and came up with this address 241 Ashford Circle, Atlanta, GA 30338-2304, have no clue if it is his.

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