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We’ve been making positive things happen for our investors and our employees – and that will remain our focus in the months ahead,” said Morias, who expects to add as many as 10 additional properties within the next year in the United States, Europe, and Asia -Charles Morais May 1, 2008


We’re being operationally aggressive while staying fiscally prudent,” - Charles Morais May 1, 2008

( is that agressive fiscally prudent thing working out for ya charles?)


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Directly from their web page.............. (before it was removed from the web for not paying hosting bill)  courtesy of



Kronos Hotels & Resorts had its humble beginnings with the creation of International Lodging, LLC in November 1999 by Charles Morais and Sarwir Hansa. The entrepreneurs wasted no time in acquiring its first property, a Travel Lodge hotel in Cartersville, GA. Within a year, International Lodging acquired three more hotels. There was no stopping the entrepreneurs and under their visionary leadership, International Lodging morphed into Kronos Hotels & resorts. Within a short either years, Kronos has established a diverse portfolio of real estate ownership, which includes 24 hotels, each bearing a flagship that spells distinction and quality.


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another piece from

Charles Morais, CEO

Mr. Morais responsibility is to identify potential properties,for acquisition or development,hoth domestically and internationally,and bring them under Kronos'wings. Mr. Morais worked for CDI,a public listed company as their Area Manager for the Southeast. CDI, 1.6 billion Company with 22,000 employees. Left CDI to join SYNOVA as the Director of Eastern Region.Left SYNOVA to grow his hotel portfolio.

The funniest part about this-- he quit CDI because of "racial discrimination" and sued them.  

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