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Ok so in my post that I just replied I mentioned Raj has a new house.  our money bought him a pretty decent house...

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“The trouble ain't that there is too many fools, but that the lightning ain't distributed right.” - Mark Twain

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HMMMMM.  We can only hope:
a.) It's on an old Indian burial ground
b.) It's on an old cemetery
c.) It's over a toxic waste site
d.) It's over an unmarked nuclear waste site
e.) It's over a massive poisonous snake nest
f.)  It's over the sewage treatment plants underground sewage storage site
g.) It's over the shortest eastcoast seismic fault line
h.) It's over the main portal to hell
i.)  It's over a 500 ft water main, that recently sprung a leak
j.)  It somehow ends up on the screen of a military drone operator
k.)  It has a transmitter that notifies passing aircraft to empty waste tanks NOW!.
l.) It is the spawning site for all NE US cockroaches to which they return yrly.
m.) That the lovely shade of green on the walls that they thought was paint is actually flesh eating slime, waking up from its 100 yr fast.
n.) It was previously located in Amityville and was moved here as part of their clean up the neighborhood program
o.)  The previous owners hid shrimp in the curtain rods before they left.
p.) When they roll up the carpet, looking for the source of that terrible smell, they find a chalk & white tape outline of a person on the floor.
q.) That their neighbors, on all sides, have children that worked at a Kronos owned property.
r.) That they love the curtain rods so much that if they ever move they take them with.
s.) That all living relatives of the avian cast of Hitchcocks 'The Birds' hold their annual reunion in their back yard.
t.) That the house was built by contractors that have the same business ethics as him and his Kronos buddies
u.) That he isn't expecting all of us to chip in together and get him a housewarming present!
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