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Perhaps some of you have received your latest Social Security contributions statement which shows how much Social Security benefits you will receive when you retire (that is if it's still there!). If you look it over you will notice that your amount for 2008 is a tad short, or even perhaps it show nothing for 2008. Social Security gets its information from the W-2's that employers file with them annually and, well, if you remember, we didn't get a W-2 from the wonderful folks at Kronos. Well surprise, suprise, suprise, neither did Social Security!  So, what you have to do is wait until you get your next annual statement from Social Security and if 2008 earnings are still short, or non existant, then you can contact Social Security to let them know of the shortage.  Hopefully you still have all the information you used when you filed your income taxes because you are going to need it to be able to get credit for Social Security. When I have more information I will post it.

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