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I was served notice about the foreclosure. They amended the foreclosure petition to a "foreclosure without redemption". Long and short of it is this..If you have a judgement and a lien, you probably will not be able to collect. All proceeds of the sale will go towards the 48.5 million dollar loan. There are however, other avenues to chase our "friends". I will update after consultation with my attorneys.
 The speed with which they are pushing this suggests there is a buyer and it was hinted by a lawyer here in Cedar Rapids that there is in fact a buyer and it should be done by April.. The arrangement here is similar to the one in Sheffield, the city owns the building. The City Council is going to have to clear any buyer with these 2 cities.

Here is the list of affected Kronos LLC's
Portfolio Cedar Rapids LLC
Portfolio Charleston LLC
Portfolio Lancaster LLC
Portfolio Lansing LLC
Portfolio Macon LLC
Portfolio Pensacola LLC
Portfolio Pittsburgh LLC
Portfolio Sheffield LLC
Portfolio Winter Haven LLC
Portfolio York LLC

It's almost over for some. For others such as myself, we enter a new phase, and for others the battle continues. Gonna go buy a good pair of runnin shoes so I can chase those three individuals all the way to Malaysia if I have to with my lawyer in tow. Have a nice day!!

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Judgement For Default has just been entered in Lancaster York, Pittsburg on the 18th.  Will post it in the lawsuits section as soon as the judges Signature is on it.

To be honest I am not sure at which speed they are going, these actions have been in court since October with lil movement along the way.  The situation in St Perters and Coopers hotels shows how fast things can happen if they want them done.

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