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Glad to see the website up and running again, just wish there where some recent news on these criminals and there wicked empire.  


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Ok first of all, it was my own fault website was down and I didnt even realize it.  Problem Solved

Second, sometime before the end of the weekend I will put all kinds of updates up.  I have been busy (I actually have a job again) and honestly just have not had much free time.

I have still been doing my research and watching them.

a brief update, they dropped the suit against myself and the web site.  Big suprise there.  2nd I just found today a current address on Raj.  He is now living in New York.  He is having a condo in Ga foreclosed upon.  Poor Raj..he is prolly losing everything while Chuck is still sitting on his pile of money laughing. 

So all I have to say about that is...hey how did not knowing didly squat about hotels and jumping in pretending to be an executive work out for ya?  Not to good it appears.  Sorry bout your luck but it couldnt have happened to a nicer guy. lol. 

Anyway I promise I will put a bunch of over due updates up by this weekend. 

“The trouble ain't that there is too many fools, but that the lightning ain't distributed right.” - Mark Twain

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Strange, I too was wondering "When will they face justice?" over the past couple weeks.  Thinking that it's been about a year since the site was 'born' and the rollercoaster ride it had and then to fall silent.  People moved on I guess, marking Kronos as a bad page in their bio. I guess I'm now concerned that the Obama administration might feel that a terrible injustice has been done, issue an apology to Chucky, tell him we should be ashamed of our actions, and ask him how much money he'd like!  Oh, and that little issue about him owing the US Government a 'few' dollars, not to worry about it. They never really needed it anyways.  That Chucky is still a free man walking the streets instead of living in a cardboard box at the end of an alley and dumpster diving for a meal, irks (I had other words I wanted to use here but am trying to be civil) me to no end!!!  Gee, if causing sleep deprivation is going to be a crime, can we go after Chucky for that? How much sleep was lost by people due to Chucky? How many people walked around with knots in their stomachs from the stresses he caused?  Yeah, I know, people got their tax refunds so they don't care anymore. Well every employee that was affected by Chucky should be writing, calling, and bitching, to their state and federal representatives about how he got away with it.  Justice has not be served yet, and it needs to be or history will repeat itself again. And refill Chuckys pockets again. And unwitting employees will be shafted again.

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