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Did anyone here ever...

Receive an offer letter for this position?

Receive a job description?

Receive written details on hours, dress code or holidays?

I never received a job offer letter, description or anything about holidays or hours.  As a former salaried manager, I quit on July 7.  I was paid for four days, no hoilday pay on July 4, but was told by the GM, the Vice President of Sales that the sales office was closed on July 4th.  Silly me, I assumed we were paid for the holiday, like every other hotel.

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As Usual Lies , Lies, and more Lies.  The hotel lost an excellent Sales person when they
lost you!!  Thank god you walked out when you did or you might be right in middle of
this mess with your bounced paychecks.  And my respect for being such an honest,
hardworking individual.  Hats off for walking out.

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I remember the holiday thing.  I remember July 4 2007 when they wouldnt tell us if we got paid or not.  They didnt make a decision till after the holiday was over..I also remember Thanksgiving.  And fighting with them over Holiday Pay...I know silly me..what was I thinking..besides this is still america and 99% of it consideres Tday a holiday.  Anywho....they said a person has to work a full 8 hr shift to be eligable....but we were made to take 30 minutes out for lunch no matter what....oops thats only 7.5 hrs...that person is now not eligable...all I can say is...thank god for manual payroll employees didnt get screwed over...I dont know when or even if they ever got time clocks...I know they didnt for the 7 months I was with them.

“The trouble ain't that there is too many fools, but that the lightning ain't distributed right.” - Mark Twain

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It's a real shame that you can work there for so long, love what you do, care for most of your fellow employees and still hit that breaking point. 

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